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What Is Doozlers Digital Marketing All About?

Doozlers is a Digital Marketing Agency that offers digital marketing services to help grow your business in the APAC region. We are here to ensure you leverage on the full spectrum of digital marketing tools available. Our goal is to not only achieve measurable results for you, but also provide you with strategic insight and analytics based on your needs.

We are here to transform your organisation and make your company “Go-Digital“.
 A digital media company that puts incorporates your business objectives into the digital marketing goals.

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We're your partner in transforming how you operate with expert knowledge and creative strategy that will help maximize exposure!

Key Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing system that completely eliminates all of your time spent on out-of-date, overly complicated processes. Our algorithm has helped countless companies do more with less!

Google Ads

We know how difficult it is to find the right advert for your business and we want to help. We'll crawl all of the web and make sure you're found on Google. But why Google? It is the most used browser in the world! Hit us up!


We all know what SEO is: the thing that gets your website rankings to pop and generate sales (and attention). But wait, do we? Fly under the radar of your competition and get started ranking for those keywords!

Wordpress Web Design

User experience (UX) is at the forefront if what we do. Get users to love using your website.


Need detailed consultation on digital transformation, marketing plan and strategy? We're exactly who you need!

Presentation Deck

Preparing for an upcoming business presentation? Got all the number and facts but unable to digest them into a relatable presentation? Let us help!

digital marketing singapore

Facebook Singapore office for a feedback dialogue session with the Facebook Team.

The Facebook Ads Expert

We’re highly specialised in Facebook Advertising & Marketing. This is our strength and we can bring your business brand stand out both locally and internationally through the Facebook’s Family of Apps.

Google Ads Search, Video & Display

For the Google platform, we embark your business on a holistic inbound and outbound marketing experience. Other than the usual SEO and SEM a.k.a PPC, get your brand out there on Google Display Ads and get leads via a robust landing page.

A Proudly #MadeInSingapore Company

We are a #teamsingapore company and participate in #supportlocal intiatives. If your digital marketing in Singapore efforts is not working somewhere else, let us have a look and move you forward. We will give you a direct and frank overview of what to do next. 


Let's Take A Look At Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

This is the number 1 question on everybody’s mind whether you’re a small, medium or large business owner. There is no direct answer to this as it depends on whether do you have a clearly defined marketing objective, your personal belief in going digital and how many channels you would like to penetrate. The most common situation we face is that stakeholders do not have a clearly defined marketing objective, roadmap and mismatched budget.

Before the age of Facebook and Google, only businesses with very deep pockets can do marketing. The cost of marketing in newspapers, TV and billboards costs hundreds and thousands of dollars each time. Small businesses were stuck with giving out flyers at MRT Stations, Bus Interchanges and Letter Boxes.

Today, we see many brand new startup and young entrepreneurs overtaking long-running family businesses and taking up their market share tremendously. This is made possible thanks to digital marketing. Digital marketing cost only a fraction of traditional marketing and you can even target the right audience and not spend blindly.

So, is Digital Marketing expensive?

This really depends on the nature of business. One is more inbound and the other is more outbound. But both are equally important in the consumer journey. This being said, we’d recommend one over the other depending on your nature of business and defined marketing objectives. Depending on your marketing budget, we will be able to manage and prioritise the different platforms at different points of the marketing journey.

Setup a zoom meeting. Reviews and testimonials on websites don’t really mean much as it is difficult to verify if they are real or not in this age.

Speak with them. See if they can understand your needs and able to guide your through a roadmap and define your marketing objectives. A good digital marketing company will not say “Yes” to everything. They will know when to say “No”. Look at the credentials of the person managing the company accounts. 

Overall, there’s alot more pros than cons as agency marketers are experts in their field. If you think you want to DIY but unsure or may not be able to afford to outsource fully to a company, try outsourcing only certain components instead.

However, if budget is still an issue, then engage an agency for a one off in-depth consultation or for a market research report and take it from there. A detailed market research report (using the Enterprise Singapore market research standard as a baseline) will cost roughly between $1,500 – $4,000 depending on its depth.

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