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Want A Kickass Social Media Marketing Campaign?

Today, businesses no longer want an advertising campaign that tells you how many people see your Ad. You want to dive into the performance of the Ad. The buzzword for this today is called Performance Marketing. You want to know how many people are interested in your products and services. You want to get people messaging you via social media or WhatsApp, you want leads to flow in so that your salesperson has someone to follow up with and potentially close a deal. You want to know who is looking at your advertisement. You want to know how every cent is spent.

This is what you will get at Doozlers.

What Digital Marketing Service Do You Need?

Social Media Marketing

Power up your Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

Google Search Engine SEO/SEM

Get your website rank up on Google Search Engine organically via SEO or via Pay Per Click.

Marketing Strategy and Consultation

Get deep insights into your marketing with a detailed market report by our in-house consultant who is an expert in Digital Transformation and Change Management certified by BCG Rise.

Web Design and E-Commerce

For retailers, sell your products online on your very own website. Go e-commerce today.

Trusted By SMEs

The Facebook Advertising Company

We’re specialised in Facebook Advertising with many success stories to share. We can convert your dormant E-Commerce store to a sales machine. All with the right system and mindset.

Q & A Session

Facebook Singapore Office

Our Lead Digital Marketer

Zane Reyal



We're The Go To Facebook Advertising Company In Singapore.

We’re here to grow your presence on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll get user to start to engage with you on social media. We will bring in followers, leads and sales via social media. We are not a one-hit wonder. Our duty is to grow your business and scale it to new heights. We’re your marketing partner.

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The consumer buying behaviour and channels has changed. Reach out to your target audience directly online 24/7 with automation and digital marketing.

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