What are UPGRADED materials?

When buying an aircon, there’s many things that we need to look at. One of the many, possibly the most important of all are the kind of materials used to install the aircon.

Most of us, use our aircons for as long as we can. How long we are able to hang on to our aircons depends on many factors. 2 of the common signs are of the main factors are leaking and condensation. Once these 2 signs starts to appear at home, better brace yourself. It will lead to moulding of the trunking inside and outside, wooden and laminate furniture directly below the aircon and trunking will start to warp and the air quality in the house will be affected. That is when you start seeing family members fall sick. It is really important to keep your aircon in “the pink of health”.

Every now and then, we see aircon companies offering Upgraded Materials. What exactly are Upgraded Materials ?

Upgraded materials ensures that your aircon reaches its actual lifespan and may even lengthen it. There are companies out there claiming that they are offering Japan made and engineered insulation, which in actual fact made in China OEM products. This OEM product do not come with proper test certification by recognized laboratories and quality of this product usually do not conform to international standards.  Using this OEM product or just the “usual material” sometimes causes the aircon system to wear off and may even require replacement prematurely. Having compliant materials will also save you headache when it comes to insurance claims should something undesirable happens at home due to your aircon system.

There’s probably a few companies out there offering this but we are going with Lifestyle Guru by Natural Cool. All upgraded materials provided by Lifestyle Guru by Natural Cool are always PSB Certified and in compliance with BCA and HDB requirements.They offer FREE dismantling and disposal of your old aircon on top of giving you FREE upgrade and upsize installation material. Since an aircon is a big ticket item, best to go with a reputable company to handle all your aircon needs.


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