Is digital marketing really necessary?

With the latest 11.11 and 12.12 sales whereby billions of dollars worth of transactions took place, there’s still business owners who are asking if digital marketing is necessary.

There answer is, yes. So why is it necessary? We’ll, let’s take a look:

  1. With the rise of smartphones and access to video streaming, how many people still watch satellite TV channels? The numbers are really small and this group is made up of largely the older generations.
  2. Social media platforms have taken over the lives of everyone, young and old. People are on Facebook and Instagram 80% of the time in the day. While commuting in trains and buses, people are on Youtube. Everyone is always staring at their screens. Who’s looking at flyers, billboards and posters? There still are but the numbers are really small.
  3. Having in-stream Ads and native Ads, you can control the type of Ad. Video Ads that are compelling will make people click.
  4. The cost of digital marketing is much much cheaper. It is way cheaper compared to print, TV and billboards.

For retail shops, ever wondered how come some shops have so many customers flocking down to their shop even-though the shop location is “off the grid”? Through blogging, social media marketing and google ads, customers can see how great your products are and come over to shop. For retail shops, an e-commerce store is essential. It keeps your customers coming back but online. You’ll have an emptier shop but with sales still flowing in. Isn’t that great!

So, what exactly is digital marketing? We’ll come to that in our next post.


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