How to grow in 2019?

Growing Your Digital Presence In 2019

After seeing so many Ads for the whole of 2018 about why your business should move into digital marketing and why it is a better option. Here in Singapore, not many businesses move into digital marketing yet but a small number of them did. Those who did have seen their sales generally doubled. Some of them are retail outlets located in an inaccessible or “out of the way” places yet customers flocked to their “shop” from all over the country. Some of these retail outlets are in Techparks and Business Parks and you see customers walking in. So, is shopping mall presence necessary? Well, digital marketing changed this.

Those who’ve seen the result, will be looking to spend much more in 2019 to generate higher sales. Those who have not, will soon realise that their competitors have been eating up their market share. This is usually felt by businesses that thrived in the 1990’s till about early 2000’s. We’ve seen many young, new startups crushing their competitors who are running “family-businesses” simply by adopting a highly effective digital marketing strategy. Now in 2019, a lot more needs to be done by the digital marketers to enable their clients to compete on the same level as the key players in the industry.

The answer to a successful 2019 is FULL STACK MARKETING & GROWTH HACKING. It is the combination of the various digital marketing strategies into one full-fledged Ad Campaign. A Facebook Lead Generation Ad alone or a Google Pay Per Click alone can no longer make the cut. Business will need a wholesome digital marketing plan to make it work. All of Google’s Network needs to be utilised with careful planning to ensure Ads effectiveness. To be able to do this, make sure that the marketer is certified with real account management experience. The technicalities of Google Adwords requires someone trained. For Facebook & Instagram Ads, a combination of campaign is required at any one time. On top of this, certain trades should not be using still images anymore. Either adopt a compelling video experience or 3D image. Especially for those in the interior design industry, a 3D Image of a living room does magic for your Ads.


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