Why do Digital Marketing?

Why Do Digital Marketing?

Since last year, we’ve all seen the endless advertisements, videos, and tutorials online on digital marketing. All of these tells us how much we can earn by adopting Digital Marketing. It is time we recap on what is marketing.

Today, you decided to open a shoe store. You have a product to sell and rented a shop to sell shoes. But, nobody seems to be buying your shoes. They are all buying your competitors shoes down streets down. Do you start to wonder, “How come?”.

Well, having a business idea and a product does not sell the product. Advertising and marketing do the selling. Back in the early 2000s and before that, only big businesses could afford real advertising. It was too expensive for the average SME to be spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on newspaper, radio & television advertising. So, small businesses stuck to giving out flyers. The only cheapest form of advertising. But now, digital marketing changed the game. We begin to see new businesses sprouting out from nowhere and eating up market shares of huge companies. All these are made possible through digital media. Just by mastering the Google Platform and Facebook changed the game as these 2 are the most used platform in the country and the world. So, how to come onboard these digital platforms? You will need online assets, e.g website, Facebook page, Instagram account, professional email, etc..

So the questions is, do you want to grow your business in 2019?


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