FREE & Low Cost​ Digital Marketing Tips

FREE & Low Cost Digital Marketing Channels

Even though marketing via the digital channel costs only a fraction of the traditional channel, not every business out there has an actual marketing budget. Especially a newly incorporated company that is self-funded. But not to worry, in today’s digital age, anything is possible.

  1. Utilize Facebook Pages & Groups. There are many such communities and groups available on Facebook these days. Especially the Facebook Live Shopping groups, they’re a non-stop hit. It’s totally FREE! Do explore the marketplace and you’ll understand.
  2. Use FREE listing on other platforms. For example, Carousell & Gumtree allows a certain amount of FREE listings before you need to pay in different forms to list your business.
  3. Optimize your Landing Page/Website on a daily basis. Spend time to look through your web pages and ensure that they are optimized for search engine.
  4. Do as much content writing as possible. Content writing in the form of blogs is more than enough. This will help your site be available on search in many different ways and increase site traffic.
  5. Always update your social media platform business accounts. Constantly update them even if you only have 10 followers who are only friends.
  6. Get your friends online to help share and invite their friends to like and follow your account. You’ll never know, someone might just need your business.
  7. Use Google My Business Listing to give your business some visibility on Google Maps.

These are some tips. All of them can be done all by yourself. The only prerequisite is lots of time and willingness to learn. So, don’t wait and get started now.

In any case, if you need the help of an expert to do the job for you it is not very costly either. At Doozlers, every business is unique and not 2 business are the same. Just talk to us and we’ll try our best to explore various options for you.


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