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Recommended aircon brand and model should you buy to protect your family from the Haze.

Which aircon brand and model should you buy to protect your family from the Haze?

With the haze back in Singapore again, N95 masks are back in demand. Many are starting to add-on air purifiers in their homes to protect their loved ones from the haze. What about the haze do we actually need protection from? The problem lies in the PM2.5 particles that is in the haze. When PM2.5 particles are inhaled, these microparticles can penetrate deeply into the lungs. Subsequently, it will cause irritation and corrosion of the alveolar wall and may impair lung function.



This is the reason why when the Haze is back, Singaporeans do not take their chances and start to take all precautionary measures. Most importantly when staying indoors, we need to ensure that the indoor environment is clean and free of these microparticles. How to ensure that our homes are safe from PM2.5 particles?

The first one is the Mitsubishi Electric Starmex Air-Conditioner, Model MXY-3G28VA2. Let’s focus on why this model is recommended for your home, especially in these hazy conditions.

This particular Mitsubishi Aircon is in-built with Microparticles Catching Filter. This Microparticles Catching Filter effectively eliminates PM2.5 particles to maintain clean air in the room.

Let’s take a look at the diagram below to better understand how the Microparticles Catching Filter works:

PM2.5 Aircon Filter Lifestyle Guru
Source: https://www.lifestyleguru.com.sg/mxy-3g28va2-system-3

The next aircon we’ll be looking at for this haze we’re facing right now is the Panasonic Aircon, Model CU-3XS27UKZ. Pansonic models are generally well-known for their Nano Technology. For this particular model, it is equipped with the nanoe-G technology. nanoe-G technology works effectively on airborne particles which includes PM2.5, adhesive and in-filter incor-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and mould. So, how does nanoe-G technology helps to keep the indoor air clean? The nanoe-G are ion generators and they release negative ions into the air intermittently. These negative ions then attach themselves to dust particles. Due to this attachment, the particle is now bigger and are carried back to the air filter. It then deactivates 99% of bacteria and viruses wrapped in the filter.

By having the right aircon model and system installed in your home, you can now have a peace of mind at home.

Source: https://aircon.panasonic.com/introducing/whats_nanoe/nanoe-g.html

Now that we know what to look out for to protect our loved ones at home from harmful particles, it’s time to get the right aircon model right away!


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