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What is the difference between Facebook Boost Post and Facebook Ads?

Let us look into what is the difference between FACEBOOK BOOST POST AND FACEBOOK ADS.

Many times from 2018 till today in 2021 when I get an enquiry or a phone call from an SME founder/owner, they’re usually seeking to do SEO or SEM. My next question to them is usually to ask if they would like to do some form of Facebook Marketing or Facebook Advertising as well.

Almost 99% of the time, their answer is, “No”. So, I’ll proceed with my next question, “Why not?” The answer is always pretty much, “We’re already doing it and it doesn’t work.” Which makes me wonder, how bad could it be? As I stare at the Ads Manager every single day, it makes me wonder what happened to these guys. After probing further, I then learned what they meant by, “We already did Facebook Ads”.

What they did was actually a “boost post”. This boost post concept actually works around 8 years ago. But with the super fast-paced digital updates and evolution, “boost post” is now more of a concurrent effort if it’s even used rather than the actual form of Facebook Ads that digital marketers run.

So, now comes to the question for those who actually thought “Boost Post” is all there is in Facebook Advertising or Facebook Marketing, if not “Boost Post”, then what else is there on Facebook? Well, there’s a whole new world of advertising on Facebook called “Ads Manager”.

What’s the difference between Facebook Boost Post and Facebook Ads?

(Do take note that the most important thing in Digital Marketing is to know your exact objective on why you want to run a particular Ad. What is the purpose of the Ad?)

Boost Post

what is the difference between facebook boost post and facebook ads
Facebook boost post, facebook ads, social media marketing

A “Boost Post” means creating a Facebook Post to your Business Page timeline first. Then, you click the “Boost Post” button in the post and another side window comes up. From the sidebar, you can customise your boost in 3 ways:

  1. Who you want to reach.

You can pick the audience type you’d like your post to connect with.

2. Your maximum budget.

You state how much exactly you’d like to spend to reach the audience that you have set in step 1. Minimum spend is $5.

3. How long would you like to run your boosted post to your selected audience.

Select a start date and end date. With these dates, your selected audience should be able to see your post within the duration selected in their News Feed.

You’ll also need to input your payment method so that Facebook can deduct the budget set. Boosted posts are also considered as an Ad as you’re spending on your normal post to reach a wider audience on Facebook.

Next, Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads uses Ads Manager which is the “heart” of Facebook Advertising or Facebook Marketing. Facebook Ads that are created through Ads Manager are highly customizable and offer advanced solutions. There are various advertising objectives that you can select to help you achieve your marketing objectives to the audience that you care about most.

What more can you do with Facebook Ads?

Here are the 4 broad categories that you can look achieve in Facebook Ads, Ads Manager:

  1. Choose different Ads placements.

 You get the added benefit of choosing between placements in Facebook News Feed side ads, Messenger ads, Instagram stories, instant articles, and Audience Network.

2. Use very specific Ads objective.

Being able to select a specific Ad objective is important as it helps to align your Ads to your campaign goals. Ads Manager lets you choose objectives like Store Traffic, Conversions, and Lead Generation. You can also create and manage ads through the Ads Manager mobile app.

3. Maintain Creative Control

You can design specific Ad creatives that fit your goals. You can create Carousel Ads, Canvas Ads and many more. Accompanying each Ad would be descriptions and Call-To-Action buttons that can drive specific actions from your target audience.

4. Use Advanced Targeting Capabilities

On top of the usual interests, age and gender, you’ll be able to reach to the audience that you care about most. There are more advanced tools available to create overlapping audience sets like Lookalike Audiences and more.

When to use Facebook Ads and when to use Boost Post?

It is very important to be able to identify you main objective for that particular campaign. Ads for 1 objective can sometimes have positive side-effects and fulfilling another objective at the same time. To maximise your Ads, best to have a skilled and certified personnel do it and you will see results.


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