Digital marketing for automotive industry in singapore

Digital Marketing For Automotive Industry

If you’re running a car dealership or a car spray painting company, there’s a few direct areas of digital marketing that you will be looking at.

Digital Marketing For A Car Dealership

If you’re running a car dealership in Singapore today, we understand that margins are getting tighter. Car listing on Sgcarmart is a must-have. What else can you do to get customers and to expand your fleet of cars?

Here are some of our recommendations:

Get leads to buy-in cars directly from those who want to sell their cars. Stop throwing name cards and flyers on windscreens in the carpark. Just run Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads and you can get leads coming through every day. We’ve done it for car dealerships before. From as low as just $1,500 per month and you can get leads coming in every day, is it worth investing? Of course, it is, just being able to close 1 car covers everything.

Get your car available for sale on your potential customers Facebook or Instagram feed. Sgcarmart has tons of car listings. You’d want customers to be able to find your listing some way. A compelling picture of your car for sale on your customers’ social feed is definitely the way to go.

Come up with a compelling trade-in offer. This is the best win-win situation. You get to sell and buy a car both at the same time.

Digital Marketing For A Car Spray Painting Company

If you’re running a car spray painting company, you will need to do a bit more than a car dealership. You’ll need to come up everywhere so that when searches are made, you keep appearing everywhere. There are car spray painting workshops all over Singapore. How to make yours become the choice workshop for car owners.

Here are some recommendations based on our experience:

You need to get your website SEO up. You need to be ranked on page 1 for search. Car spray painting services are usually required when something unfortunate happens unless the car owner is an avid car hobbyist looking to do a colour change or something. But if not, spray painting are usually sought-after due to some minor or major accidents. So, SEO is key.

You need to introduce your business everywhere across forums and you need to showcase your before and after works. Where else to showcase if not on social media! Get your works advertised on social media and get leads online to ask for quotes and book an appointment for a spray painting job.

These are proven techniques to drive sales to your workshop. Try them today!


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