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How much does it cost to create a landing page in Singapore?

As COVID accelerated digital adoption, digital presence is more important than ever. Although the online space is getting a lot of traffic, there is still space for your business. You just need to tread carefully and plan well. Just like the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. So how much does it cost to create a landing page in Singapore?

We are going to touch on the topic of landing page design. If you are a small business owner, property agent, insurance agent, or perhaps even a home-based business, a landing page is one of the basic requirements for a digital presence. If you are thinking of getting your own landing page done, here are some guidelines on the considerations that you need to look into. Especially the cost to create a landing page in Singapore.

Landing Page Domain Name.

You need to select a domain name that is available. A domain name is basically the URL that all of us key into the browser when we want to go to a particular website. So, this domain name needs to be purchase. It generally costs somewhere between $20 – $40 for a one-year registration. This is something that needs to be renewed yearly. If it is not renewed, it will simply just expire and nobody can access that URL anymore. If anyone keys in the URL, some error code will show up.

Landing Page Hosting.

Hosting is like a place where the files and contents of the landing page are being stored at. Hosting is also on a subscription basis. There are a few types of hosting that you can look into. But we will touch on the 2 common ones. Shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting. As the term used is “Shared”, it means that a few other landing pages are sharing the same bandwidth as yours. Dedicated hosting on the other hand simply means that all the space in there is only dedicated for you.

Which one to choose? After doing websites for quite a number of clients, it is really your preference. Shared hosting can cost as little as $50/year depending on how many are sharing and dedicated hosting can cost as much as $500/year. If your website traffic is not anywhere near a consistent of 8,000 to 10,000 per month, the shared hosting is still fine. But do note that at times, there might be a chance whereby users may not be able to access your landing page momentarily if the bandwidth is being taken up by another landing page due to a surge in online traffic there. So most importantly, do ask yourself this one important question. Will it be ok if you or your users not be able to access the landing page for a while and just try again later? If you are cool with that, then shared hosting is fine. But if you cannot handle that, then just get a dedicated hosting to prevent any panic attacks.

Landing Page User Experience Design

Design is a very abstract thing. As the saying goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But in the end, it is not exactly about what you or the designer prefer. It is about the user. There are many best practices, even the most basic functions of a landing page can fulfil this. But the careful consideration of what should be inside, what should not and what is best to be inserted if possible is something that an experienced designer can advise. Do listen and try to fulfil those requirements. In the end, you would like the landing page to really work for you and not end up being another “White Elephant” online. It should also fit the local flavour. Anyway, depending on the number of functions that you would like to add on to make the user experience as seamless as possible, prices may adjust depending on the complexity or the cost of the plugin to fulfil those functions. For plugins, there is usually a one-time setup fee upon purchase and most WordPress plugins require a yearly renewal. Plugins can cost from as little as $30/year to $100++/year.

Landing Page WordPress Web Builder

A fantastic web builder costs quite a bit. But the great thing about a fantastic web builder is that once you take over the website, it will be easier for you to at least make minor adjustments or editing requiring less support from the designer and more flexibility. A real good web builder costs around $50+ yearly. But the first time design by a web designer to create a beautiful site will cost anywhere between $800 – $10000 depending on the amount of design and function considerations. But the average amount for a good one should be approximately $2,000.

Now that you have created your landing page, what do you want to do with it? Or what would you like it to do for you? The landing page is not going to deliver itself to your audience and it will not be found by anyone either. So since you’re already engaging someone to design the landing page, might as well get some things set up to fulfil the next purpose, digital marketing.

Landing Page Wireframe/Prototype (Optional)

If you are very particular about launching right and getting the right landing page in the end, do consider getting a wireframe/prototype up first. But this will extend the entire timeline and will add on another $1000 – $2000 to the total cost. If you are someone who is super particular and wants a perfect outcome, this will be good rather than diving in straight. So that you can get the right colours, fonts and flow right.

Digital marketing setup for the landing page.

Analytics Integration (Optional)

In the end, you would like to be able to track and measure as many events or actions on your landing page as possible. Like how many visitors, how many of them bounced out, how long they spend there, which pages are they looking at, which button they clicked, etc..

The basic is to install Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel. This is quite technical. A good setup will cost quite somewhere between $400 – $600. This is critical to your digital marketing campaigns in the future. Without this, any digital advertising will be kind of a waste of advertising dollars.

SEO Setup (Optional)

Get some basic SEO setup first. Get an SEO plugin installed and pass the designer your desired keywords and set up the entire landing page proper. One-time setups like this can cost somewhere between $300 – $700.

Hopefully, we managed to touch on the critical pointers to look out for when getting your landing page done you know have a better idea of how much does it cost to create a landing page in Singapore.


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