Facebook Advertising For Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner and have been trying to set up and run your own Facebook Advertising but still have not got to it or are not successful at doing it yet, then please read on. We have a tried and tested, proven technique for you to try and be successful for your Facebook Advertising.

Before getting started on this, you will be a Facebook Pixel installed on your website first. Without it, your Facebook Ad will not be a success. If you have installed it well and correctly, then do follow through the digital marketing funnel.

Follow the digital marketing funnel.

There are 3 broad categories in the funnel. Top of the funnel (TOF), Mid funnel (MOF), Bottom of the funnel (BOF). Like the shape of a funnel., the top is really big and the funnel narrows down with a small opening at the bottom.

Step 1.

Start with either a Reach or Brand Awareness objective. We would recommend Brand Awareness. Create an Ad creative or content that only introduces your business at this juncture. Then select your target audience. If you are unsure who is your target audience or the category of your target audience is too broad, then select 5 categories that your target audience falls into and create 5 Ad Sets with one target audience each. This is to test which one is the most probable set that your target audience falls into. Then, run this campaign.

Step 2.

After seeing the winning target audience, push forward and continue your campaign based on the winning target audience.

Step 3.

Set a consideration campaign. At this stage, create another Ad that focuses on getting your audience to consider your product or service. Your target audience will be those who have engaged with the first TOF Ad. It may be those who clicked, messaged or liked the first Ad. The expand this audience to spread out toward lookalike audience.

Step 4.

From the consideration campaign, you may start getting some conversions. But the main higher quality conversions should come from this last step. Set up the 3rd campaign, the conversion campaign. At this stage, create an ad that is targeted to that valuable action that you set out to run an Ad for. To get purchases or quality leads. Target people who engaged the Ad at the MOF earlier. But if the number of engagements is not big enough, you can explore going into another round of lookalike audience here.

This chain or system of a minimum of 3 ads should continue running. If you are still not getting conversions or not enough conversions, do re-look at your budget. You may be spending too little to get the desired results. Then check out your creative and copywriting, you may need to improve on them. Then check your landing page and see if it is relevant to your ad.

Following the funnel, more than often guarantees success. It is just a matter of testing, testing and testing. At Doozlers, we have professional certified media buying experts who do testing every day. If you need to get a professional to help out, simply reach out to Doozlers Digital Solutions and the expert there can help.

Good luck!


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