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Why is choosing the right aircon installer is very important

Always Choose A Reputable Aircon Installer. Let me tell you why this is very important.

As a homeowner, all you want is a problem-free daily living. Once a problem crops up at home, you know at least a few hundred dollars would have to fly out of your pocket. One good example is, oiling of your window hinges. Such a small and easy task. Yet many failed to do so causing the hinge to rust, erode and crack in less than 5 years. Cost of replacement, $250 ( must use an approved contractor by HDB to do the job). Oiling once every 2 months over 5 years, less than 1 oil bottle.

So now for your aircon. You’ve paid a few thousand dollars for that 5 ticks aircon. A few thousand dollars isn’t cheap. After 1 year of usage, your aircon starts to condense. Followed by the trunking moulding. After that, you observe some leakages. That’s it. Now you’ll need to get your regular service personnel to pop by and diagnose the issue. Then he starts telling you to change this and that. Cost? Maybe close to $1000. Is it worth it? To top if off, your aircon’s lifespan is also affected.

All these issues could easily be avoided if an experienced and reputable company does the job. Best part is that all of them issue out a warranty. Although they issue out a warranty, the other problem is that whether they honour the warranty issues to you. What’s the difference between a good and a “not so good” company? One use premium materials for everything. Even for insulation, type of trunking, wires, etc.. It is also easier to contact someone from a more reputable company especially if the company has a building that can’t be moved right?

With a really good installation, you can be worry-free until it’s time to actually change your aircon which is probably between 7 – 12 years with proper servicing cycles. These are big ticket items, so never take your chances. After surveying many places, we found Lifestyle Guru by Natural Cool  to be choice for many. Even for commercial aircons. You can see them at every Expo with a robot at their booth. They even have their own building. You can also check out their Facebook Page .

To top it off, I think they are also the 1st aircon company that converted the traditional aircon sales into an e-commerce business! How many aircon company does that? Anyway, this is my 2 cents worth of why you should really look for an experienced and reputable aircon company. Good Luck Aircon Shopping!

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5 Symptoms That Indicate Your Aircon System Might Need To Be Changed

  1. Systems that are > 7 years old:

Typically, a regularly serviced home aircon system should last between 7 years to 10 years. The other factor that affect lifespan is the climate. In sunny Singapore where it is hot and humid and aircon usage is high, the estimated lifespan of a typical home aircon system is around 7 years.

  1. When regular servicing does not seem to fix usual issues:

While regular quarterly maintenance is recommended for all aircon system, over time, some common issues like water leaking, strange noises, condensation, foul smell, etc seemed to linger on even after servicing. When this happen, wear and tear or faulty parts might need to be replaced. If costs of repair is not economically viable, it might be time to look into replacing the whole system.

  1. Frequent breaking down

An intensely used aircon system nearing its product life cycle may give users plenty of headaches. Frequent breakdowns, high repair costs, spare parts unavailability and loss of use are frustrating. It may make more sense to have the system replaced than to constantly be calling repair technicians.

  1. Escalating electricity bills

If your electrical bills are escalating with any increase in electrical appliance or usage, chances are you’ll need to consider changing your old aircon system to one that comes with NEA rating of 3 to 5 ticks. Newer and technologically advanced models can greatly improve energy efficiency which will result in greater energy and cost savings.

  1. Poor air quality

Apart from keeping us cool, aircon system also act as a filter for clean air. Old or faulty systems may not filter and clean air efficiently and thereby result in poor air quality which may induce respiratory health issues like sinuses. If you feel your indoor air quality has deteriorated despite regular servicing, it may be time to consider a replacement.

When considering a replacement of a new aircon system, besides comparing brands, prices and features, it is equally important to use premium materials for your installations to avoid nightmares like leakages, condensation and wiring issues. As installation involves at least 12 months of workmanship warranty, always ensure you get a reputable and trustworthy company to handle. For enquiries on aircon installation, please visit or contact 6454 5225 or email, for an obligation free discussion. Lifestyle guru is the retail arm of Natural Cool Holdings, a Catalist listed Company since 2006, that provides comprehensive aircon retail and services in Singapore for over 2 decades.