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Unlock Your Competitive Edge with Digital Marketing Competitor Analysis.

You Want To Do Digital Marketing But Unsure Where To Start?

How Much Budget To Invest?

Stop guessing! Know who are your direct or indirect competitors, get an estimate of how much they are spending per month based on data. Know which platform they are advertising on and how many ads they are running. Then you will know how much to invest and what results you can expect.

What Can I Expect From The Digital Marketing Investment?

By now, the whole world knows that digital marketing works. That is why even during Covid 19 lockdown, companies lay off staff but double-down on their digital marketing. But great results can only come from clear objectives and a proven strategies.

What Type Of Ads Should I Run?

There's different types of Ads available. Image, video, text, discovery, intent, informational, navigational and more. See what Ads your competitors are running so that you'll have a better idea what type of Ads you might want to run.

What Keywords Should I Target?

You want to run Google Ads or Bing Ads? Or maybe you think that you do not want to run any form of Search Ads? Perhaps looking at your competition can help you decide if it is necessary or not. See what is the worth of their traffic and decide if you should run Search Ads.

Setup & Start Your Digital Marketing Efforts Strong

Stop guessing and start with the right mindset. Learn from your competition. Know what is the budget required to compete, which channels to be on and your potential target audience.

Find Your Competitors From These 4 Key Areas

Your Industry

Focus primarily on direct competitors followed by indirect competitors. This depends on you business size and competition. How can you know if the one you chose is the right competitor? The easiest way to is check social media communities by investigating conversations to see who they might be talking about or reviewing in comparison to your brand.

Organic Search

Check which brands are targeting the same SEO keywords as you do in their organic setup. You can do this by looking up their website and blog post followed by their social media and the hashtags they go for.

Paid Search

Do advertising research to check which channels your competitors are on, how many ads they have running, what ad formats they are running and which keywords are they investing towards. Find out the total cost of those keywords, their traffic and level of competition.


Check out their Local SEO positioning. the communities and groups they are apart of and the platforms that they are actively communicating with others.

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Facebook Singapore office dialogue session with the Facebook Team.

You want to start digital marketing but don't know what to expect?

We are not just another digital agency. We are a team of experts passionate about helping businesses grow. We have a proven track record of success, and we are confident that we can help you achieve your marketing goals. 

We are not here just to talk about results. We are here to deliver results. 

Just like the picture of us at a dialogue session at Meta office Singapore, we are always in constant engagement with the platform stakeholders to ensure that we implement the most up-to-date digital strategies for you.

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