IK Foam PRO 2 – Snow Foam Car Wash – 1.25l. PREMIUM Sprayer

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IK FoamPRO 2 vs IK Foam 1.5

  • Stable base with ergonomic design – Easier to unscrew Tankfrom the Complete Chamber
  • Safety Lock – prevent unwanted release of liquid if trigger is depressed
  • Content Identifier – If you’re using more than 1 unit sprayer, you can fill different sprayers with different cleaning liquids and still be able to tell the difference

IK Foam is different from other foam sprayers. WHY?

  • It can create foam that has 3 different kind of wetness. DRY, MEDIUM, WET
  • No problem even if you use dish washing liquid. It can still create thick snow foam! No Problem!
  • HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT Made In Europe, similar IK models have been used by our customers for over 10yrs.
  • Strong after-sales service. Spare parts are readily available. No worry if you need to buy extra gaskets, nozzles or filters.

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