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There’s so many social media platforms in the market. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.. Learn which path you should take and the strategy to adopt for a successful social media campaign for short and long-term goals.

Let us introduce the 2 most used Social Media Marketing Platforms, Facebook & Instagram.


What is Facebook Advertising?

It is the running of advertisements via Facebook placements. These are Sponsored Ads that we usually see on our Facebook news feed.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Advertising is highly recommended as Facebook has an estimated of 4.5 million users in Singapore. This means that via the Facebook platform, you can reach the screens of your audience far and wide. Facebook offers wide ranging of targeting like location, interest, demographics, etc.. A highly skilled Facebook marketer is able to utilise these tools combined with the right campaign, drive sales to your business. Other than advertising locally, you can also use the Facebook Advertising channel to reach your audience overseas.

Why Facebook Advertising?

Apart from being able to reach the more than 4million and still growing users in Singapore, Facebook Advertising is highly customizeable. Whether a business is looking to increase foot traffic into its physical stores, getting more phone calls, collecting data with consent via lead generation, increase engagement of business via messenger and WhatsApp, increase website traffic, promoting product through a Facebook online store, Facebook Advertisements can be customized accordingly.
Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising Singapore

Why Facebook Audience Targeting?

Facebook’s audience targeting is very powerful. When utilised properly by a skilled Facebook Advertising professional, it can help your advertisement reach the right audience. What does this mean? Imagine paying a flyer printing and distribution company $500. They will print perhaps 10,000 pieces of flyer for you, get someone stand  at a selected location for a few hours to distribute the flyers. There goes the $500. You don’t know who the flyer was given to, how many ended up in the bin and how many became your customers. But with Facebook Targeting, the $500 can be used to target your specific audience, and be shown on their smartphones whereby people spend up to 80% of their time staring at their mobile screens these days. Knowing how to use this tool effectively can turn the tables for your business.
Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising

One of the many advantages of Facebook Advertising is that Instagram Advertising runs directly from Facebook’s advertising platform. An advertiser can choose to run Instagram Stories Advertisements, Carousell Format Advertisements, Video Format Advertisements and of course Image Format Advertisements on Instagram. These functions can be fully utilised to ensure that the advertisement reaches different users with different preferred source of engagement.

Instagram is known to be a highly successful platforms for businesses in the Food and Beverage industry and the Health, Beauty and Fitness industries. If your business belongs to any one of these industries, you must look into using Instagram to grow your business.

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